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How to become an Infobase author

Infobase Publishing is the definitive source for authoritative, award-winning, and curriculum-based reference and nonfiction material, both print and online, for the school and library markets. We publish comprehensive, substantive, and accessible reference and nonfiction titles in a variety of subject areas-from history, science, and literature to careers, health, criminology, social issues, and more. With some of our imprints dating back to 1941, Infobase is the parent company of distinguished imprints such as Facts On File, Chelsea House, Ferguson Publishing, and Bloom's Literary Criticism.

Facts On File is an award-winning publisher of print and online reference materials for schools and libraries. Our authoritative references are geared toward the high school, academic, and public library markets. We specialize in a multitude of curriculum subject areas, such as history, science, literature, geography, health, and more.

Ferguson Publishing is known among librarians and guidance counselors as the premier publisher in the career education field, with high-quality career references aimed at the middle school, high school, and public library markets.

Chelsea House publishes curriculum-based nonfiction books for middle school and high school students. Its timely and engaging young adult sets and series span historical and contemporary biographies, social studies, geography, science, health, high-interest titles, and more. Chelsea Clubhouse, our elementary imprint, presents easy-to-read, full-color books for young readers in grades 2 through 5.

Bloom's Literary Criticism provides an extensive library of literary criticism edited by the esteemed Harold Bloom, Sterling Professor of the Humanities at Yale University. Focusing on the writers and works most often studied in high schools and universities, Professor Bloom has set out to chronicle and illuminate the major achievements of the Western literary tradition.

Our award-winning titles are known for their accuracy, readability, and user-friendly formats. We have stand-alone titles, as well as a number of popular series. You may submit a proposal that fits with an existing series, creates a new one, or is an original work.

What we look for in a new book proposal

  • It should reflect an original idea or area of investigation that is of interest to the consumer or library patron.
  • It should make a contribution to the field, enlarge upon existing research, or fill a niche in the market or our own list.
  • It should be an area in which you are an expert or have extensive research experience upon which to draw.
  • It can be a single volume or multi-volume format in an area of nonfiction that fits with our list.

Which subjects fit our list

Facts On File is known for its strength in American history, particularly multi-cultural studies, women's history, world history, and global issues. We have strong curriculum-based titles in science, ecology, and cultural studies, and offer biographical dictionaries and encyclopedias across a wide range of disciplines.

Our consumer products feature career guides, health sourcebooks, and criminology titles, as well as A-to-Z compendiums on popular culture, literature, and the arts.

We have stand-alone titles, as well as a number of popular series such as Eyewitness History, Countries of the World, Almanacs of American Life, and Library in a Book.

You may submit a proposal that fits with an existing series, creates a new one, or is an original work.

About our authors

We draw our authors from a wide array of professors, teachers, professional writers, freelance writers, and researchers. We expect our authors to have a college degree, professional degree, or doctorate in their area of expertise or be familiar with the subject on which they write.

Prior authorship, published books or articles, or a history of original research and writing is also a plus.

How to submit a proposal

After you have the reviewed the material in our catalog or on this website, you may wish to submit a letter of inquiry or a manuscript proposal.

Please provide an overview of the subject you wish to write on, the intended audience, a brief description of the contents, and a sample chapter or headword list. It is not advisable to send a complete manuscript at this point.

Include a list of the relevant competition and an indication of how your book will improve upon the competition or fill a specific niche in the market.

Include a brief curriculum vitae or your writing accomplishments and relevant experience. Send or email your proposal to:

Editorial Director
Infobase Publishing
132 West 31st Street, 16th Floor
New York, NY 10001

The proposal review process

Your proposal will be acknowledged by an editorial assistant within three weeks of receipt in-house. If your proposal fits our list and is appropriate for our audience, an editor will contact you within four weeks to help refine and shape your concept.

Following acceptance of your proposal, a contract is issued defining the scope and terms of the agreement. Depending upon the scope of the project, it can take from nine months to two years to complete the process that results in publication of your book.

If you wish to have materials returned following editorial review, please provide a postage-paid envelope. It is also worthwhile to indicate if the project is a multiple or individual submission and your timetable for expected completion.

For a more detailed review of the editorial process at Facts On File, you may contact the Editorial Director at editorial@factsonfile.com.