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  • Imprint: Chelsea House
  • Published: 08/01/2006
  • Dewey Number: 540
  • Reading Level: Grades 6-12
  • Pages: 208


Chemistry: An Illustrated Guide to Science is one of eight volumes in the Science Visual Resources set. Containing eight sections, a comprehensive glossary, a Web site guide, and an index, Chemistry is an ideal learning tool for students and teachers of science. Full-color diagrams, graphs, charts, and maps on every page illustrate the essential elements of the subject, while parallel text provides key definitions and step-by-step explanations.

The eight sections include:

  • "Atomic Structures"—provides an overview of the very basic structure of physical matter. It looks at the origins of the elements and explains the nature of atoms and molecules.
  • "Elements and Compounds"—examines the characteristics of the elements and their compounds in detail. There are tables giving the boiling points, ionization energies, melting points, atomic volumes, atomic numbers, and atomic masses of all the known elements. There are also descriptions of crystal structures and covalent bonding.
  • "Radioactivity"—is concerned with the phenomenon of ionizing radiation. It gives detailed accounts of nuclear fusion, nuclear fission, and radioactive decay, as well as describes the properties of radiation. There are tables describing all known isotopes, both radioactive and non-radioactive.
  • "The Chemistry of Carbon"—details the chemical reactions involving carbon that are vital to modern industry from the distillation of crude oil to the synthesis of polymers and the manufacture of soaps and detergents. This section also includes an overview of the chemistry of life.
  • "Changes in Matter"—is an overview of some basic chemical processes and methods. It looks at mixtures and solutions, solubility, gas chromatography, and the pH scale.
  • "Patterns in Non-metals"—focuses on the properties of this distinct group of elements. This section also includes descriptions of the industrial processes used when isolating important elements of this type.
  • "Patterns in Metals"—focuses on the properties of this distinct group of elements. This section also includes descriptions of the industrial processes used when isolating important elements of this type.
  • "Chemical Reactions"—looks at the essential factors that influence reactions. It includes information on the effects of concentration and temperature, proton transfer, electrolysis, redox reactions, and catalysts.



Reviews and Awards

“...richly illustrated...a boon for visual learners.”
SLJ Curriculum Connections

"...useful...ideal...for visual learners and for test prep...written in easy-to-understand language, appropriatye for students."
School Library Journal

“The illustrations, including graphs, tables, and diagrams...are large, colorful, and uncluttered, making it easy for the student to focus on a single principle…[This book] superbly meet[s] the challenge of providing visual tools in concept building...will be appreciated by students and teachers and should be a priority purchase for a library serving youth.”

"The comprehensive, accessible, and up-to-date discussions, including the trend toward using web resources, will be not only an enjoyable read but prompt students to see important relationships that make the science applicable and worthwhile...School libraries should consider this a must purchase..."
Christian Library Journal

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