Laurie Katz, Director of Publicity

Facts On File Adds New Video Feature and Award-Winning Core Content to Its Premier American History Online Database!

Facts On File, the award-winning publisher of print, online, and eBook reference materials for schools and libraries, is proud to announce new enhancements to its highly acclaimed American History Online database—an exciting new video feature with more than 1,000 newsreel videos and a wealth of new and updated content from the revised edition of the award-winning Encyclopedia of American History.

“We’re thrilled with the way this latest update gives users a more complete and textured view of history,” said Mark McDonnell, president of Infobase Learning, Facts On File’s parent company. “Our new video feature brings students face to face with the events and people they are studying for a truly eye-opening, ‘you are there’ perspective, and the value of having instant access to the complete content of Gary Nash’s Encyclopedia of American History, Revised Edition goes without saying.”

The new video content includes more than 1,000 new videos, mainly historical newsreels with a focus on World War II-era footage. The new “Focus on History through Video” feature on the home page spotlights the new content, with a player that shows a new video—from a selection of newsreels spanning the 1940s to the 1990s—each time the site reloads. Clicking on the “Go to Video Gallery” link in that feature will take the user to a new gallery of all the videos in the database. This new gallery can be filtered by era.

A boon to students and researchers, the content from the landmark Encyclopedia of American History, Revised Edition—which Booklist called “the single best general American history reference source on the market today” in its starred review of the title—adds new contemporary information and updates core content. Students and researchers now have access to updated, authoritative information on many contemporary personalities and events, as well as more than 280 brand-new entries—from stem cell research to global warming to the Afghanistan War.

Other features of American History Online include:

· Complete coverage: of more than 500 years of political, military, social, and cultural history

· Overview era essays: outlining time periods

· Unique Topic Centers: with specially selected entries on different eras of American history to help users find a starting point for their research

· Biographies

· Events and topics

· More than 2,400 primary source documents

· General timeline, updated monthly, plus subject-specific and era-specific timelines

· Images and videos

· Maps and charts

· “Editor’s Selection of the Month”

· Examples of full citations in MLA, Chicago Manual of Style, and APA styles.

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