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Now in a New Edition! The #1 Best-selling Almanac for Kids

Praise for the previous editions:

“Up to date and colorful enough for even the most TV- and Web-savvy kids.”
—Associated Press

“About as close to a single-volume guide to everything as you’ll ever find. Packed with information, it presents its facts with all the excitement of a game show.”
Family Fun Magazine

“Buying The World Almanac® for Kids is quite possibly the best investment you’ll make all year.”
Children’s Digest

“...full of interesting, educational, and intriguing information...useful...”
American Reference Books Annual

The World Almanac® for Kids is the best-selling reference book for kids, with more than 3.5 million copies sold. Filled with thousands of fun, fascinating facts and essential homework help on a wide range of subjects, this full-color almanac has been completely updated and redesigned, with hundreds of new photographs, dozens of completely new features, and a wealth of puzzles, games, activities, maps, Web sites, and much more. An ideal homework aid and a joy to read for kids and adults alike, The World Almanac® for Kids 2011 provides timely and timeless information on popular subjects such as animals, science, sports, music, U.S. history, and more. Teachers can also use this fact-filled reference to teach skimming and scanning techniques. Readers will find out what’s hot in 2011 with full-color photographs and facts about favorite sports and entertainment superstars!

Features include:

· Faces and Places: Huge full-color photographs showcase the year’s most talked-about topics, from Shaun White to Twilight! Covers the year’s headlines in movies, music, sports, and more serious need-to-know topics, like the earthquake in Haiti and the 2010 Census.

· Animals: Explore animals on a scientific level, from endangered species to creatures of the deep. Find out all about the biggest, smallest, and fastest creatures in the world—and some of the grossest, like bats and parasites. Then move closer to home and discover which house pets are most common—and what pets might be right for you based on your personality.

· Fashion: Follow fashion’s evolution through the years in the decade-by-decade fashion timeline (including an update for what’s coming up next in this decade). And learn all about how some famous designers—from Coco Chanel to Jay-Z—developed their unique styles.

· Games: Check out the top-selling video games of all-time, and get a preview of the latest installments of some old favorites, like the upcoming innovations on Final Fantasy XIV and Madden 11.

· Military: Timeless information on historical wars is complemented by brand-new features on military humanitarian efforts around the globe, including earthquake relief in Haiti and assistance during the Gulf oil-spill crisis. Plus new information on the schools and academies that train tomorrow’s elite military.

· Movies and TV: Fun facts about this year’s most popular movies and TV shows give kids a close-up look at their favorite characters. Kids can find out how their favorite books—like the Twilight saga’s Eclipse and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows—made it to the big screen.

· Music and Dance: Get the inside scoop on some of the year’s hottest acts when The World Almanac® for Kids 2011 puts artists like Taylor Swift and Usher in the spotlight. Plus, learn about different styles of dance that will have toes tapping.

· Nations: Make the world a little smaller with interesting facts and trivia about every country in the world, including population, language, and fun facts. Includes maps and flags of more than 190 nations!

· Sports: Coverage of kids’ favorite teams, athletes, and sports. Revisit the excitement of the 2010 Winter Olympic games and soothe World Cup withdrawal with lots of fun facts about international sports besides “football” that are making waves worldwide.

· Technology and Computers: This almanac gives new advice on the best ways to stay safe online. Also gather quick tips on how to use the Web for research and homework help, and consult the handy glossary of technical terms to keep in the know.

· and much more.

Also available:

· The World Almanac® for Kids 2011 Kit: Includes 1 hardcover and 20 paperback copies of The World Almanac® for Kids 2011, The World Almanac® for Kids 2011 Trivia Game, and Teacher Resources (ISBN: 978-1-60057-144-2. List price: $331.70)

· The World Almanac® for Kids 2011 10-pack Paperback Classroom Set (ISBN: 978-1-60057-137-4. List price: $139.90)

· The World Almanac® for Kids 2011 Trivia Game (ISBN: 978-1-60057-142-8. List price: $26.95. Pocket chart sold separately.)

· Pocket Chart for the Trivia Game (Item # CD-5609. List price: $21.99)

· Standing Order Plans for The World Almanac® for Kids single-title hardcover edition or 10-pack paperback classroom set

·Teacher Resources (available for free at

The World Almanac® for Kids 2011
ISBN: 978-1-60057-135-0. Hardcover. List price: $24.95.
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