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The New Edition of the #1 Almanac for Kids


Praise for the previous editions:

“Up to date and colorful enough for even the most TV- and Web-savvy kids.” —Associated Press

“About as close to a single-volume guide to everything as you'll ever find. Packed with information, it presents its facts with all the excitement of a game show.” —Family Fun Magazine

“Buying The World Almanac® for Kids is quite possibly the best investment you'll make all year.” —Children’s Digest

The World Almanac® for Kids is the best-selling reference book for kids, with more than 3.5 million copies sold. Filled with thousands of fun, fascinating facts and essential homework help on a wide range of subjects, this full-color almanac has been completely updated with new content and is jam-packed with quizzes, experiments, puzzles, games, activities, jokes, maps, Web sites, and much more to get young readers excited about learning. Teachers can also use this fact-filled reference to teach skimming and scanning techniques. The World Almanac® for Kids 2010 provides timely and timeless information, arranged by subject, on compelling topics such as art, weather, science, sports, nations, U.S. history, and more. Ideal for elementary and lower-middle-school classrooms and libraries and a joy to read for both students and teachers, this user-friendly book is loaded with need-to-know information to help kids excel in the classroom. Readers will find out what's hot for 2010 with full-color photographs and facts about favorite sports and entertainment superstars!

Features include:

· Faces and Places—In full color, The World Almanac® for Kids introduces those who made headlines this year in movies, music, entertainment, and sports.

· Sports—Kids can read about their favorite athletes and sports like baseball, basketball, and football as well as other lesser-known sports, such as footvolley and underwater hockey. The World Almanac® for Kids also presents a timely special section about the history of the Olympics, perfect for the upcoming 2010 games in Vancouver, Canada.

· Games—With the popularity of video games continuing to soar, The World Almanac® for Kids highlights the games that keep kids plugged in and going for the high score.

· Movies and TV—Kids will be entertained with fun facts about the most popular movies and TV shows of the year. The World Almanac® for Kids gets up close to kids’ favorite characters and shows how some of their favorite books have been adapted for the big screen.

· Music and Dance—The World Almanac® for Kids is sure to hit the right note. From the biggest musicians of the past year to traditional musical instruments and popular dance programs, kids will learn how integral music is to the world.

· Environment—The World Almanac® for Kids will inspire kids with colorful illustrations of different biomes, sidebars stressing the importance of recycling and where garbage ends up, and what global warming might mean to the planet.

· Space—Rocket to adventure as The World Almanac® for Kids explores the far reaches of the solar system and the universe.

· Technology and Computers—Based on the latest information available, The World Almanac® for Kids gives a history of computers, advice for using the Web to help with homework, and a handy glossary of technology words so readers are in the know.

· Animals—Brimming with clearly explained scientific terms, The World Almanac® for Kids aids students by giving interesting examples of animals of all kinds, from urban wildlife to endangered species, and delving into the scientific classification system.

· and much more.

Also available:

· The World Almanac® for Kids 2010 10-pack paperback classroom set (ISBN: 978-1-60057-130-5. List price: $139.90)

· The World Almanac® for Kids Standing Order Plans

· Teacher Resources (available for free at

The World Almanac® for Kids 2010
ISBN: 978-1-60057-127-5. Hardcover. List price: $24.95.
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