Laurie Katz, Director of Publicity

Infobase Learning Announces Three EDDIES Award Winners

New York, NY, November 1, 2013—Infobase Learning is proud to announce that three of the company's acclaimed online resources have been named recipients of The ComputED Gazette's 18th Annual Education Software Review Awards (EDDIES).

The World Almanac® for Kids Online ("Middle School Database Website" category), Today's Science ("High School Science Database Website" category), and Great Empires of the Past Online ("High School History Website" category) were all chosen as winners from among titles submitted by publishers worldwide. The selection criteria for this prestigious award include academic content, potential for broad classroom use, and technical merit.

These are not the first of Infobase Learning's online resources to be recognized by The ComputED Gazette. Issues and Controversies in American History and The Human Body: How It Works Online were awarded EDDIES last year, and The World Almanac® for Kids Online, The World Almanac® Online, and World Religions Online have all been recipients of The ComputED Gazette's Best Educational Software Award (BESSIES).

The World Almanac® for Kids Online is a kid-friendly reference resource that expands on the print edition—the best-selling reference book for kids—with extensive online-only content plus material from acclaimed Facts On File and Chelsea House titles. The recently redesigned Today's Science bridges the gap between the science taught in the classroom and real-world discoveries by providing science news written especially for students. And Great Empires of the Past Online, a curriculum-based eLearning Module, narrates the stories of the most important empires in world history, and their impact on the present day, with engaging text and video content.

About Infobase Learning:
Infobase Learning is an educational solutions company providing award-winning digital reference content to the school and library community. Under such well-known brands as Facts On File, The World Almanac®, and Films for the Humanities & Sciences, Infobase Learning provides students, educators, and librarians with a broad range of award-winning products that both enhance and enrich the learning experience. For more than 70 years, Infobase Learning has been a reliable, authoritative resource for supporting the middle school, high school, and academic curriculum, providing flexible options for accessing educational content whether in school, at the library, or at home.