Laurie Katz, Director of Publicity

Infobase Relaunches the New and Improved Science Online

New York, NY, January 4, 2016—Infobase, the award-winning provider of digital reference content to the school and library community, announces the complete revision and upgrade of its acclaimed Science Online database. Rebuilt from the ground up, this trusted resource now features a new, dynamic design and a wealth of new content and features that powerfully facilitate STEM research and learning.

The relaunch brings with it a fresh new home page with quick and easy access to the core areas of the database, with key content handpicked by Infobase’s editors to guide and inform research. New, editorially curated Topic Centers provide virtual study guides and comprehensive coverage of the most studied science disciplines. New, interactive experiments replicate the in-class laboratory experience in a safe and user-friendly environment. The database now includes the full, updated content from Infobase’s unique, award-winning science eLearning Modules, including Instructor Support materials. And these are just a few of the many extensive enhancements made to aid users in their research, study, and exploration of science.

Here are some highlights of the relaunch:

·New, dynamic design that facilitates STEM research and learning

·New, editorially curated Topic Centers on a variety of core science disciplines to help users find a starting point for their research. Each Topic Center includes Suggested Reading and Suggested Searches that showcase the best resources for each topic, plus videos, animations, searchable timelines, and related visual resources such as diagrams and tables

·New, focused eLearning Modules—the full, updated content of nine science eLearning Modules—Biomes of the Earth, Energy and the Environment, Essential Chemistry, Genetics and Evolution, Global Warming, Green Technology, The Human Body: How It Works, Physics in Action, and The Plant World—that provide targeted coverage of a variety of core curriculum topics along with important instructor resources

·Hundreds of new videos and animations that reinforce visual learning and provide convenient overviews; accessible for all types of learners; can be used in class or assigned for flipped classrooms

·New, interactive experiments that replicate the in-class laboratory experience in a safe and user- friendly environment

·A wealth of new and updated content

·New curriculum tools and comprehensive sources index

·New and improved search options

·Additional video player tools

·New tag "clouds" for all content, linking to other content with the same tags

·Dynamic citations in MLA, Chicago, and APA formats, with EasyBib export functionality

·Real-time, searchable Reuters® newsfeed

·Google Translate and Read Aloud capability.

For reviewer access to Science Online, please contact Laurie Katz at 212-896-4269 or We ask that you not publish any pricing information about our databases without first confirming it with us. Thank you for your consideration.

For ordering, pricing, or other information, please contact our Online Sales Department at 1-800-322-8755 or

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