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Infobase Learning Announces Redesigned Streaming Video Products

New York, NY, November 16, 2011—Infobase Learning announces major platform enhancements to its critically acclaimed streaming video products: Films On Demand (for college libraries), Classroom Video On Demand (for high schools), and Access Video On Demand (for public libraries).

Among the key platform enhancements are a redesigned interface with improved navigation, a new video player, iPad compatibility, special collections for key producers, improved search and browse options, and new features for account administrators, including free MARC records for every video. As always, fresh new content is added monthly.

"The streaming video products from our Films Media Group and Facts On File brands have revolutionized the face of the video-on-demand industry," said Mark McDonnell, the president of Infobase Learning. "Making our videos iPad-friendly is an important step in our continued effort to provide customers with added flexibility and convenience and to remain a leader in the field."

Platform enhancements include:

·Redesigned Interface: Films On Demand, Classroom Video On Demand, and Access Video On Demand boast a new streamlined interface that makes it simpler to navigate and use the platform and easier to find and use videos. The revised home page displays a dynamic list of all the individual subjects to which the particular institution subscribes, showcasing recently added videos for each.

·New Video Player: New dynamic bit-rate switching provides the optimum viewing experience, automatically adjusting within a 200K-through-1.5mb-bit-rate range depending on the type of device being used and the available bandwidth; users no longer need to select their target bandwidth themselves from a drop-down menu.

·Now iPad-Friendly: All of the videos on the platform have been re-encoded in H.264 format to allow playback on any iOS device. With the new video player, users can now watch any titles in their collection on an iPad, iTouch, or iPhone. And the new design is optimized to allow easy navigation of the On Demand platform from either a computer or an iPad with an Internet connection.

·New Special Collections for Key Producers: Subscription customers are now able to easily browse titles from some of the most popular producers in the On Demand platform.

·Improved Search Options: The basic search has been enhanced with a new Search Assist autocomplete feature: when users type a keyword in the search box, suggested full titles or segment titles that contain that keyword appear. Users can now also cross-search multiple subjects and Special Collections using the Advanced Search options.

·Enhanced Admin Portal: The administrative portal features enhanced usage statistics, and MARC records are now available for every title.

For reviewer access to Films On Demand, Classroom Video On Demand, or Access Video On Demand please contact Erin Peterman at 212-896-4214 or We ask that you not publish any pricing information about our online products without first confirming it with us. Thank you for your consideration.

For ordering, pricing, or other information, please contact our Online Sales Department at 1-800-322-8755 or

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