Laurie Katz, Director of Publicity

Infobase Learning Announces the New and Improved Today's Science

New York, NY, September 17, 2013—Infobase Learning, the award-winning provider of digital reference content to the school and library community, announces the official relaunch of Today's Science, greatly strenghtening its value to educators, students, and researchers as an essential online resource for scientific discovery.

The relaunch features a fresh new design that provides more intuitive access to the wide range of science content in the database. The new Topic Index at the top of every page leads users to a full list of hyperlinked topics, organized by specific subject area, that can be accessed directly. Featured articles now offer links to related materials such as crossword puzzles, cartoons, and questions; additional articles that help place news and discoveries in context; and interviews with scientists that bring the research to life. Powerful new features include new Search Assist technology, improved search results, a new Read Aloud tool, and correlations to Common Core, state, and national science education standards, among others.

Highlights of the redesign:

·Fresh, new design

·New Topic Index to help users view the full list of topics and access any of them directly

·New Search Assist technology

·Improved search results, including additional filters to help users hone in on desired content

·Google Translate on every page, with 53 languages to choose from

·New Read Aloud feature

·Correlations to Common Core, state, and national science education standards

·Dynamic citations in MLA, Chicago, and APA formats

·Direct access from the home page to featured articles, popular topics, and Conversations with Scientists

·Featured articles now provide easier access to related content and additional articles of interest.

For reviewer access to Today's Science, please contact Laurie Katz at 212-896-4269 or at We ask that you not publish any pricing information about our databases without first confirming it with us. Thank you for your consideration.

For ordering, pricing, or other information, please contact our Online Sales Department at 1-800-322-8755 or

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