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Digital Media Overview

What is Films On Demand?

Films On Demand is a state-of-the-art streaming video platform that makes it easier than ever to find and view outstanding educational programs from Facts On File and Films Media Group.

What are the benefits of using Films On Demand?

The ability to view digital video in real time provides instant access to your entire video collection from any computer with a high-speed Internet connection. There's no need to track down borrowed or misplaced VHS tapes or DVDs. And the Films On Demand interface provides access to enhanced functionality that allows you to take complete control of your video content and your patrons' viewing experience. They can use Films On Demand to search for specific videos and segments and organize their favorites into folders. And by using Films On Demand, you will have access to usage reports that provide you with valuable information about which videos are being watched and how often.

How does video streaming work?

Streaming technology allows you to access high quality video content via the Internet. Instead of downloading an entire video file before viewing it, streaming allows you to begin viewing the video immediately while the rest of the program downloads in the background. Using a computer with a high-speed Internet connection, you can stream videos from any location.

What digital video file formats are available?

Films On Demand now provides videos as Flash Video streams with Windows Media and QuickTime also available for most titles. Flash Videos can be streamed at 400k, 700k, or 1500k bitrates. Windows Media and QuickTime streams are 300k. Higher bitrates deliver excellent resolution when video is viewed in full-screen mode or projected. Lower bitrates may be better choices in limited-bandwidth environments.

Films On Demand Video Programming

How can I see a list of current programs available on Films On Demand?

To view a list of available individual titles included in the Public Library version of Films On Demand, click here to download an excel document.

How often are new programs added to Films On Demand?

On average, 600 new programs are digitized, segmented and made available via Films On Demand every year. For our customers with subscriptions to collections, the appropriate programs are automatically added to your account every month and you will receive an email notifying you of the new titles as they become available.

Films On Demand Functionality

How do I access programs from Films On Demand?

Once you lease a digital video program from Films Media Group you will be able to access it immediately from Films On Demand at: Simply log in with your user name and password and you will be able to immediately view any titles in your digital collection.

What features are available within Films On Demand?

The Films On Demand platform provides you with features that allow you to control how the video content is used and viewed within your school or library.

    Some of the basic functionality of Films On Demand includes the ability to:

  • Access your digital content, anytime and anywhere you need it
  • View full-length video programs in your digital collection
  • View pre-defined segments from each program
  • Create personal playlists to assemble full-length videos and/or segments into a classroom presentation or to share with students for out-of-class viewing
  • Integrate videos into electronic card catalog systems or distance learning course
  • Search your digital video library by title or segment using keywords, subjects, and other criteria
  • Browse your digital video library using a curriculum-based taxonomy
  • Organize your digital videos into custom folders for quick and easy access to your favorite titles and segments

How do I play Films On Demand video in full screen?

Full-screen support is only available when using Microsoft's Windows Media Player. To enter full-screen mode, please follow these steps:

  • Start playing the video in Windows Media Player
  • Right-click anywhere within the player
  • Select the "Zoom" option
  • Select the "Full Screen" option
  • To exit, right-click anywhere within the player, and select "Exit Full Screen"

To enter full-screen mode in Flash, click the “window extend” icon on the right of the Flash video player.

Does Films On Demand support closed captioning?

Yes, many of our titles support closed captioning. Closed captioning is available using Windows Media Player and Flash Player. For Windows Media, if the "CC" icon appears below the video window, simply click on it to activate captions. For Flash Video, click the “chat bubble” icon embedded in the right side of the Flash player to toggle the captions on or off. You may configure your default caption settings using the “My Preferences” page.

Can I post a video or playlist link on the Internet?

Customers may make videos, segments, or playlists freely available for viewing by authorized users within a secure environment using approved authentication procedures. Links may be posted on a course management system, institutional web site, or online card catalog, provided these are accessible only to authorized users. Customers or users are prohibited from making a video or any part thereof available to any person or organization that is not an authorized user. This includes web sites such as YouTube and other publicly-accessible electronic networks, blogs, forums, and social networking services. Links to FMG content that are posted on information services such as OCLC’s WorldCat must require logging in by an authorized user to view the video. Other permitted and prohibited uses are described in the Digital License Agreement.

Films On Demand Technical Questions

What are the technical requirements to use Films On Demand?

Films On Demand supports most Windows and Macintosh operating systems. High-speed Internet access is required with a minimum of 380 kbps DSL, or 500 kbps Cable Modem connectivity. Because Films On Demand provides the opportunity to view videos at different bitrates, users can select the option that best fits their bandwidth needs. For additional technical information, download the Films On Demand Technical Requirements PDF.

Can my patrons access Films On Demand from home or other locations?

Films On Demand can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. All you need is a high-speed Internet connection and a computer that meets the minimum technical requirements. Depending on the authentication options you select, remote access will be possible for patrons. To learn more about the supported authentication methods, download the Films On Demand Authentication Options PDF.

What administrative tools are available within Films On Demand?

If you have administrative permission, you will be able to access meta-data information, view title and collection status, view playlist URLs, manage users, and view usage statistics for every title and segment in your Films On Demand collection. The Administrator options are found within the “My Preferences” tab.

What authentication options are available for Films On Demand?

Films On Demand supports both IP and Proxy authentication. We can provide a specific Films On Demand URL that is authenticated to the on-campus IP ranges of your institution. Similarly, we can provide a Films On Demand URL that is authenticated to the IP address of your proxy server for off-campus use. This options works well for any institution wishing to utilize their EzProxy access. To learn more about the supported authentication methods, download the Films On Demand Authentication Options PDF.

What meta-data is available for titles in Films On Demand?

The following meta-data is available for every Films On Demand title and segments: FMG Item #, Title, Description, Copyright Date, and Run-Time. All of the available meta-data can be printed or exported as a Microsoft Excel document. The meta-data is available for Administrators within the “My Preferences” tab.

Are MARC Records available for titles in Films On Demand?

Films On Demand provides MARC Records for all of our titles. These records can be easily integrated into your library's catalogue system by downloading our prepared MARC record files. Each record contains an authenticated Title URL that will link users directly into your Films On Demand account. MARC records are currently available to Administrator accounts only and must be accessed via the Administration Portal.

Can Films On Demand Titles be added to an online card catalog system?

Yes, titles in Films On Demand can be added to an online card catalog system. Using the available meta-data and the Title URL link, a card catalog entry can be created. If the card catalog is accessible to people outside of the purchasing institution, the Title URLs must be authenticated to prevent unauthorized access.

Can digital video programs be downloaded to my computer from Films On Demand?

The current version of Films On Demand does not allow individual users to download video files to their computers or mobile devices

Find Out More

Can I try Films On Demand for free?

Films On Demand can be previewed for free by qualified librarians and educators. To see if you are eligible for trial access to a sample of individual titles or our subject collections, contact one of our media consultants at 800-257-5126 (press 3).

How can I contact someone to learn more about Films On Demand for my Public Library?

If you have any questions about Films On Demand, please don't hesitate to call 800-257-5126 and press 3 for a media consultant to assist you. If you require technical support, please contact us at 1-800-322-8755 - Press (6) or via email at