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About This Database

World News Digest Provides Context and Background to Today's News

Presenting more than seven decades of authoritative news summaries and background articles, World News Digest features a wealth of new material and a new, dynamic interface that makes it easier than ever to explore the events that shape our world.

"Week in Review" spotlights timely, hot-button events of the week, linking to a wide range of editorially curated content about each event. "Recent News" features concise, clearly written news summaries that provide indispensable context and perspective on critical current events. "Special Feature" puts an important contemporary subject into historical context and organizes links to relevant material from the database so users can easily find the information they need. "Hot Topics" identifies major issues shaping the world today, and "Landmark Events in History" highlights key events of the past 75 years, from the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 to the unrest in the Middle East today. "People in the News" and "Countries in the News" provide access to in-depth content and analysis, allowing users to find articles, historical documents, research features, and more about a specific individual or nation. Users can go "Forward in Time" or "Back in Time" to follow a chronological chain of coverage on numerous events, people, countries, and topics. Also, "That Day in History" enables users to search a specific date for all the news that happened on that day.

For more than 75 years, World News Digest has been a go-to resource for context and background on key issues and events in the news. Hundreds of news sources, governments, and organizations—including CNN, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, Fox News, NPR, the CBC, Forbes Media, TimeThe Washington PostJeopardy!, the U.S. Naval War College, and the parliaments of Canada and Australia—rely on World News Digest for a broader view of the issues that matter today.


  • Topic-based research support: World News Digest promotes understanding of a topic by combining the latest news with key context and background. It has been the source for authoritative news summaries and background articles since 1940.
  • Exclusive, extensive coverage: World News Digest is packed with more than 300,000 original articles from 1940 to today. These include overviews of historic events, country profiles, historical documents, biographies, research features, special reports, editorials, and editorial cartoons. This rich archive provides a solid foundation for research.
  • News headlines: World News Digest features up-to-the-minute coverage with news articles from Reuters®.
  • Facts and figures researchers can trust: World News Digest offers researchers accurate, objective, and concise coverage of the most vital stories and issues.
  • Information in context: In our age of information overload, World News Digest offers clear and cogent political, economic, and cultural stories that give a sense of time, place, and circumstance.
  • Week in Review: This feature, found at the top of World News Digest's home page, spotlights timely, hot-button events of the week, linking to a wide range of editorially curated content about each event, including news articles, social media reaction, videos, editorial cartoons, and infographics.
  • Navigation by topic, landmark event, country, or person: World News Digest's "Browse News" menu—inking to the "Hot Topics," "Landmark Events in History," "Countries in the News," and "People in the News" sections—allows for a thematic, chronological, geographical, or biographical approach to recent history and current events.
  • Hot Topics: Filterable by subject, readers can use this section of World News Digest to explore the topics most shaping the world today, from abortion and affirmative action to terrorism and voting rights.
  • Landmark Events in History: This section of World News Digest highlights major events, browsable by decade, from 1941 to today, including the attack on Pearl Harbor, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
  • People in the News: This section of World News Digest is ideal for users looking for articles, historic event overviews, historical documents, key biographies, and more about a specific individual.
  • Countries in the News: Browsable by region, this section of World News Digest allows users to access articles, historic event overviews, historical documents, and more by country, with more than 200 nations to explore.
  • That Day in History: This World News Digest feature enables users to search a specific date for all the news that happened that day. Students can find out what took place on their birthdays or other important dates, while researchers can locate upcoming anniversaries of major events or just get a snapshot of all the developments from notable dates in history.
  • Historical Documents: This section of World News Digest features primary sources with introductory notes that provide context and background—perfect for document-based learning and strengthening critical-thinking skills.
  • 2016 Elections Guide: The one-stop source for complete election coverage, synthesizing in one place everything students and researchers need to know. This vital section in World News Digest provides in-depth analysis of all the candidates who ran, their positions, all the debates and issues, the results, and the transition process-ideal for assignments geared to the 2016 election. It covers:
    • Overview: Read summaries of the major candidates, examining how their stances on key issues evolved over time.
    • Transition: Follow the transition from the Obama administration to the Trump administration, with coverage of the aftermath of the election.
    • Results: Review detailed statistics and electoral maps breaking down the presidential and congressional races.
    • Candidates: See what all the major candidates were up to on the campaign trail.
    • Positions on Issues: Check out where the candidates stood on critical issues.
    • Debates: Examine the key moments of each debate in the nominating process and the general election.
  • Curriculum Tools: This section of World News Digest features writing and research tips for students and educators, including:
    • Advice on analyzing and understanding editorial cartoons, newspaper editorials, historical documents, online sources, and more
    • Guides for presenting research, including avoiding plagiarism, citing sources, summarizing articles, writing and delivering speeches, and writing research papers
    • Educator tools, including advice on assessing students' speeches, exploring point of view, preventing plagiarism, and using editorial cartoons and newspaper editorials in class.
  • Background and overviews: World News Digest provides crucial overviews and special features summarizing key topics to jump-start research.
  • Authoritative sources: World News Digest features expertly researched and written content distilled from a multitude of carefully selected print and electronic sources to form the essential record of world events.


  • Newspaper editorials and editorial cartoons, adding context and perspective on news events
  • "Forward in Time" and "Back in Time" links for a complete chronological chain of events
  • Key background information such as searchable historical documents and primary sources, country profiles, and obituaries
  • Research Features and in-depth coverage guides on high-interest topics
  • Objective, concise historical and current news summaries
  • World Almanac® and encyclopedia content for facts, figures, and general information behind the news
  • Carefully curated videos and news graphics embedded into coverage of today's latest developments
  • Supports 1:1 initiatives, blended instruction, flipped classrooms, project-based learning, and document-based question environments
  • Google Translate for more than 100 languages
  • Subject-based Search Assist technology
  • Dynamic citations in MLA and Chicago formats, with APA guidelines
  • Read Aloud tool
  • Featured Story widget
  • Searchable Support Center with valuable help materials, how-to tips, tutorials, and live help chat.

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