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About This Database

A Vast Archive of Articles Providing Context and Background to Today's News

Presenting more than seven decades of authoritative news summaries and background articles, the completely redesigned World News Digest now delivers this unique archive in a dynamic, new, topic-based presentation. Researchers will love the instant access by topic to the most current news alongside the indispensable context and perspective offered by our issue overviews and specially selected archival news articles. Search for specific information from 1940 through the latest news headlines. Get the complete overview on topics from abortion to World War II. Explore top news stories by subject, country, or year, or find out about important anniversaries—the unparalleled breadth and depth of the World News Digest archive now supports homework and general research even better and more efficiently. A new Facts and Statistics section provides a more streamlined, current research experience.

Hundreds of news sources—including CNN; ABC News; Voice of America; the CBC; the parliaments of Canada, Australia, and Hungary; the United States State Department; the International Monetary Fund; and the United Nations—rely on World News Digest for a broader view of the issues that matter today.


  • Topic-based research support: promotes understanding of a topic by combining the latest news with key context and background
  • Extensive coverage: 300,000 original articles from 1940 to today
  • News headlines: up-to-the-minute coverage with news articles from Reuters®
  • Navigation by topic, decade, or country: a thematic, chronological, or geographical approach to recent history and current events
  • Facts and figures researchers can trust: accurate, objective, and concise coverage of the most vital information
  • Information in context: political, economic, and cultural stories that give a sense of time, place, and circumstance
  • Background and overviews: summaries of key topics to jump-start research
  • Curriculum Tools: usage and research tips for students and educators.


  • Newspaper editorials and editorial cartoons, adding context and perspective on news events
  • Timelines of top stories for quick reference
  • Key background information such as searchable historical documents and primary sources, newsmaker and country profiles, and obituaries
  • Research features and in-depth coverage guides on high-interest topics
  • Concise historical and current news summaries
  • World Almanac® and Encyclopedia content for facts, figures, and general information behind the news
  • Google Translate for more than 80 languages
  • Subject-based Search Assist technology
  • Dynamic citations in MLA and CMS formats, with APA guidelines
  • Featured Story widget
  • Read Aloud tool.

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