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About This Database

The redesigned Today's Science bridges the gap between the science taught in class and science in the news, giving students the tools to think critically about real-world science. This powerful database gives in-depth explanations of important advances in biology, chemistry, environmental science, space, physics, and technology. Featured articles offer easy access to related content such as crossword puzzles, cartoons, and questions; additional articles that help place news and discoveries in context; and interviews with scientists that bring the research to life. An extensive backfile dating back to 1992 illustrates how one scientific advance leads to another; the stories focus on the questions scientists ask themselves and, in doing so, reinforce science educators' traditional emphasis on the scientific method.


  • High-interest science news: original articles, written in easy-to-understand language, highlighting important advances in biology, chemistry, environmental science, space, physics, and technology
  • Research Topics: summaries of key topics, linked to related articles to jump-start student research
  • Conversations with Scientists: first-person accounts of recent breakthroughs
  • Rich resources: thousands of editorial cartoons, photographs, diagrams, and crossword puzzles
  • Curriculum Tools: activities, assignments, and research tools for students and educators, including tips on evaluating online sources, citing sources, avoiding plagiarism, and more
  • Video News Briefs: hundreds of Science Video News Briefs, with more added weekly
  • Topic Index: a full, hyperlinked list of topics.
  • Extensive biographies, focusing on more than 2,000 scientists—from historic figures to modern-day innovators
  • Pop-up glossary
  • Science fair guide
  • Correlated to Common Core, state, national, provincial, IB, national STEM, and Next Generation Science Standards
  • Read Aloud tool
  • Searchable Science Encyclopedia
  • Links to related encyclopedia entries
  • Improved search results
  • Search Assist technology
  • Google Translate for 100+ languages
  • Ability to download text articles as PDFs
  • Persistent record links
  • Dynamic citations in MLA, Chicago, and APA formats
  • Featured Article widget
  • Searchable Support Center with valuable help materials, how-to tips, tutorials, and live help chat.

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