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About This Database

An Exploration of World History, from Prehistory through the 1500s

Ancient and Medieval History Online provides thorough coverage of world history from prehistory through the 1500s, with special Topic Centers on key civilizations and regions, including the ancient Near East, Egypt, Greece, and Rome; ancient and medieval Africa, Asia, and the Americas; and medieval Europe and the Islamic World. Each civilization's history is brought to life through tablet/mobile-friendly videos and slideshows, primary sources, maps and graphs, timelines, suggested readings, and suggested search terms. All the Infobase history databases in a collection are fully cross-searchable.


  • Comprehensive Coverage: images and tablet/mobile-friendly videos, slideshows, timelines, biographies of key people, event and topic entries, and maps and graphs
  • Easy Access to Content: editorially curated, at-a-glance overview of core content on the home page, with handy access to important areas at the top of every page
  • Focused Topic Centers: specially selected entries, resources, videos, and slideshow overviews that provide a study guide for a particular civilization
  • Primary Sources: thousands of annotated original documents
  • Featured Videos and Slideshows: videos and SMART Board–friendly slideshows that provide a fascinating visual look into topics
  • Authoritative Source List: a complete inventory, by type, of the extraordinary amount of content in the database
  • History Cross-Search: full cross-searchability allowing users to tailor searches across any combination of the Infobase history databases to which your institution subscribes.


  • Universal Folder for all saved items across any Infobase history databases in your collection, plus enhanced Save-to-Folder functionality
  • Correlated to Common Core, national, state, provincial, and International Baccalaureate Organization standards
  • Convenient A-to-Z topic lists that can be filtered by Topic Center
  • Tag "clouds" for all content, linking to related material
  • A detailed general timeline, updated monthly, plus civilization-specific timelines
  • Maps and graphs with descriptions
  • Real-time, searchable Reuters® newsfeed
  • Dynamic citations in MLA and Chicago styles, with EasyBib export functionality
  • Read Aloud feature
  • Ability for users to set preferences for default language, citation format, number of search results, and standards set for correlations
  • Persistent record links
  • Searchable Support Center with help articles, video tutorials, and live help chat
  • Translation tools for 80+ languages.

--------- Ancient and Medieval History Online Facts On File 06/01/2001

"...will be particularly useful for teachers and librarians to use as a teaching and research tool...useful to students in the middle and high school grades researching on this topic."

American Reference Books Annual

"...browseable and attractive...very useful...a gorgeous update on an already superlative...database."

“…excellent, vast and comprehensive…highly recommend[ed]…”

Reference Reviews

"...useful to students in the middle and high school grades..."

American Reference Books Annual

"The thousands of fully hyperlinked subjects and time line entries, biographies, maps, and charts bring together a vast array of subjects...The screen is easy to read, and the navigation is simple...Background information provided for the maps, visuals, and tables is especially well done...Primarily recommended for public and school libraries, though academic libraries will appreciate its ready-reference appeal."
Library Journal

"...the Facts On File databases...have a clear, intuitive, easy-to-use and understand interface...the Facts On File databases, with their reference book resources, their collection of maps and images, and the number of videos included, is a great value for its subscription price. I like the special resources, like posters, tent cards and web page icons...I also appreciate how easy it was to download MARC records for my library's OPAC program."

Paul Zaccagnino, Salesian High School, New Rochell

"...highly recommended for small and medium-sized public, academic, and school libraries...easy to use...extremely student-friendly."

"...a handy, accessible reference...Recommended."

"...a wealth of information...this database's scope and ease of use make it an asset for any school or public library."

"Users will find concise information on the ancient civilization of Africa, Egypt, Greece, Rome, and Mesoamerica. Its more than 100 original maps, charts, and tables [are] often hard-to-find in other sources. Navigation is extremely easy...quite comprehensive...A nice supplement for social studies classes studying ancient history."
The Book Report

"...comprehensive...the Topic Centers Index is an excellent forum for getting a feel for the content."

Library Journal

"...encapsulates the classical and medieval world into one streamlined package...puts copious amounts of information at the click of a mouse...A stand-out feature of the site is the 'Focus on History through Video' gallery...an excellent resource for high-school and undergraduate collections seeking to support advanced study in the related fields."