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Rosalind Franklin
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  • Published: 10/01/2011
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Growing up in the interwar period in London, Rosalind Franklin was determined to become a scientist, defying her father's wishes. After World War II, Franklin worked at the French government's central chemical research laboratory, where she learned X-ray crystallography. This technique relies on a beam of X-rays that passes through a crystal and strikes photographic film, letting a trained reader to see a three-dimensional arrangement of atoms. Her training in this field led to opportunities to photograph DNA, which allowed researchers to study in depth this complex molecule and to come to conclusions about its structure, including scientists James Watson and Francis Crick. Though Franklin proposed several conclusions similar to Watson and Crick's, Franklin was not sufficiently credited for her photographic work that led to their discovery. In 1958, this unsung scientist's life was cut short at age 37 by ovarian cancer. Watson and Crick later won a Nobel Prize for their DNA research, but credit escaped the late scientist with the artist's eye for capturing complex atoms on film. Rosalind Franklin delves into this woman's remarkable career and her contributions to the study of human biology.


Full-color photographs and line illustrations. Sidebars. Chronology. Glossary. Further reading. Internet resources. Index.

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Lisa Yount is a graduate of Stanford University in English and creative writing. For approximately 45 years, she has written educational materials for young people. She has written or edited more than 50 books, nine of which have won awards or been included on "most recommended" lists. Ms. Yount's books for Facts On File and Chelsea House include Forensic Science, Modern Marine Science, Energy Supply, Patients' Rights in the Age of Managed Health Care, A to Z of Biologists, and many volumes in the Makers of Modern Science and Trailblazers in Science and Technology sets.

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