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Reviews and Awards

"...the Facts On File databases...have a clear, intuitive, easy-to-use and understand interface...the Facts On File databases, with their reference book resources, their collection of maps and images, and the number of videos included, is a great value for its subscription price. I like the special resources, like posters, tent cards and web page icons...I also appreciate how easy it was to download MARC records for my library's OPAC program."

Paul Zaccagnino, Salesian High School, New Rochell

"...super-easy to navigate and covers a wide range of science topics…This resource should set a standard for those wishing to attract—and maintain—a steady user following."

Library Journal

"Reliable curriculum-oriented information written at a level appropriate for students and coupled with enhancements such as printable diagrams and animations make [this database] a worthwhile resource. It is highly recommended for school and public libraries, and for undergraduate colleges with introductory courses..."

"This updated, easy-to-use database will be valuable for students, for teachers, and for general reference in both school and public libraries."

"Each entry concludes with citation information, a thoughtful plus for instructors who are trying to encourage students to use and cite Internet resources honestly and accurately...Teachers, librarians, and students from middle school through high school will find that its high-quality, clear presentation and wide-ranging content make it ideally suited to support the science curricula. Public libraries serving this school-age population and the public seeking science information will benefit from a subscription as well. Science Online would be useful even in academic libraries..."

LJ netConnect

"This database conveys the visual nature of science in a clear and easy-to-comprehend manner."
Library Media Connection

"...easily accessible...Science Online’s diagrams and illustrations, many in color, are what make it exceptional...Recommended."

"...those seeking ideas for science fair projects...will appreciate...Science Online."

Library Journal

"...a refreshing solution to the problem of providing authentic and reliable information for students...an excellent tool that offers timely, accurate information taken from reliable sources in a variety of formats...The site design is attractive, adding an element of fun and interest to the research process...a valuable resource to supplement a school’s science program. Highly recommended."


"...accessible and easy to use and students are likely to find research on this site fun and even interesting. It is a good choice to support a school's science program."

American Reference Books Annual

"...easily searchable...provides a wealth of science research and educational tools...Recommended."
Library Media Connection

"The entries are colorful and easy to read...useful in a middle school or high school library or as a resource in any science classroom. Recommended."
Library Media Connection

"Accessible and easy to use...an enormously valuable reference source...a comprehensive, authoritative overview of the sciences...An exceptional feature is the...printable science diagrams, many in full color...Students, teachers, and library media specialists will find Science Online's high-quality, clear presentation and extensive content suitable for teaching and learning. A top choice to support your school's science program."
School Library Journal

"...love love love it! The eLearning Modules really makes this a complete package...the topics in the eLearning Modules are right on target. I think every Middle School in our County should have this."

Rovina Salinas, Manager, Tech Curriculum Integrati

"Science Online is an essential online resource for students taking science related courses. This database offers our patrons a comprehensive, curriculum-focused overview of a broad range of scientific disciplines. Our students find the content is well organized and easy to search for their topics."

Kwei-Feng Hsu, Director of Library Information and

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