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Curriculum Solutions Made Easy

We're pleased to present our new eLearning Modules, online products that provide focused, targeted coverage of core-curriculum topics. Created for libraries and classrooms, eLearning Modules are a unique combination of our multivolume print series with rich media, including high-quality educational videos, images, and teacher and support materials that were made specifically to align with the content. With a variety of topics available, including science, careers, literature, U.S. history, and world history, these dynamic and compelling online resources pick up where textbooks leave off, bringing the curriculum to life!

Created for Classroom Learning, Library Research, and Homework Help

Students of all abilities will find these online resources engaging and simple to use. Teachers and faculty, curriculum coordinators, and principals will appreciate the easy integration into traditional classroom learning and the wide assortment of invaluable support materials and teacher resources, including activities and projects, discussion and assessment questions, printable handouts, and more. Perfect for classroom use, eLearning Modules can be used with interactive whiteboards or projectors. With these new products, librarians will be able to offer their students and patrons quick access to homework and research help. eLearning Modules are also ideally suited for distance learning, study abroad, and tutoring programs.

Acclaimed Content Paired with Engaging Videos

eLearning Modules present curriculum content in a clear, easy-to-use format. The home page lists the Learning Units and chapters found in each module, along with the support materials found in each unit. A right-hand menu highlights image and video galleries as well as available teacher resources. eLearning Module content is taken from multivolume print series, and each video gallery contains specially selected educational Flash® videos that ensure a rich learning experience and close curriculum correlation.

Focused Information, Easily Accessed

Each eLearning Module is divided into Learning Units, which contain chapters on the important topics related to that unit. For example, Essential Chemistry Online features a Learning Unit on acids and bases, with chapters on these chemical compounds as found in nature and in the human body. Within each chapter, a handy left-hand navigation menu allows students and teachers to click to just the information they seek without returning to the home page. This format allows students to pinpoint relevant information and teachers to better integrate eLearning Modules with more traditional classroom learning methods.

Generous Teacher Resources and Support Materials

Teachers will appreciate the wide assortment of support materials and teacher resources included in many of the eLearning Modules—such as image and video galleries, discussion and assessment questions with answer keys, printable handouts, activities and projects, curriculum correlations, and more. Educators and students will also find useful features such as a Read Aloud audio tool, print and email capabilities, a text-resize tool, persistent record links, dynamic full citations, and search results with hit highlighting. In addition, administrators can access usage statistics for each module to which they are subscribed.

Outstanding Technical, Sales, and Customer Support

Subscribers to Facts On File's eLearning Modules can count on excellent support services including helpful technical support online or by phone, as well as friendly, knowledgeable sales support and customer service.
To learn more about these exciting new online products, please email OnlineSales@InfobaseLearning.com or call Online Sales at 1-800-322-8755.

Features Include:

  • Correlations to state and national educational standards
  • Proprietary content
  • High-quality Flash® videos
  • Activities and projects
  • Assessment questions with answer keys
  • Discussion questions
  • Printable materials
  • Support materials
  • Read Aloud audio tool
  • Media galleries
  • Dynamic, full citations
  • Search results with hit highlighting
  • Print and email capabilities and text-resize tool
  • Persistent record links
  • Usage statistics.